Welcome to Owl Hollow Farm

Owl Hollow Farm is a secluded farmstead of approximately 70 acres near Cleveland, Tennessee. Most of the property is in mature and transitional forest and is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. Butterfly, hummingbird, and songbird gardens are central to the landscape. Providing habitat for wildlife is important to us and is essential to the process of growing healthy food.

Production is limited to a 1/4 acre family and market garden, a mixed orchard, nuts, berries, and a small flock of very contented laying hens.

Charles learned to vegetable garden from his great-grandmother when he was six. Linda learned from her father, who used the French Intensive method of biodynamic farming, although he was not familiar with the term. We are now going beyond what we learned from them to experiment with Permaculture methods. We are interested in preserving heritage breeds and heirloom varieties.